Frequently Asked Questions

The trai­ning focuses on enhan­cing the brain’s control of eye move­ments to improve eye coor­di­na­tion, leading to incre­a­sed blood flow and oxy­ge­na­tion of the brain. This, in turn, enhan­ces reading speed, endu­rance, and con­cent­ra­tion.

Right now you can stream all content from SVT Play, YouTube and UR Play as well as parts from Binogi in the app.
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For lasting results, 15 minutes of trai­ning, 4 times a week for at least 12 weeks is recom­men­ded. It is impor­tant that the trai­ning is carried out in full for the results to be per­ma­nent. One should exer­cise regu­larly without inter­rup­tion.

Trai­ning less than the recom­men­ded dura­tion may lead to a lack of results. After 12 weeks of trai­ning, we eva­lu­ate if there is poten­tial for further impro­ve­ment.


We highly recom­mend using Imvi’s VR glasses. Our trai­ning is spe­ci­fi­cally opti­mi­zed for our VR model, which has excel­lent optical pro­per­ties. It can adjust focus and pupil distance, accom­mo­date the use of glasses, and is com­pa­tible with various screen sizes. Addi­tio­nally, it is com­for­table and user-fri­endly.

We advise that each indi­vi­dual use their own VR during exer­cise ses­sions, as sharp­ness and pupil distance set­tings vary from person to person.

All instruc­tions are tai­lo­red to our spe­ci­fic model, and we cannot provide support for using other VR models. In addi­tion, we cannot gua­ran­tee the results, as optical pro­per­ties may differ.

Studies show that improvements are permanent if you follow the training program long enough.
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No, for the trai­ning to be effective, VR glasses are needed to give each eye its own small screen to view the content.

Yes, If you need glasses to see well at a distance of about two meters, you can wear them. However, the glasses must be able to fit while wearing the VR.

Per­so­ner som använ­der pris­ma­glas­ö­gon, vill vi kon­tak­tar oss innan träning.

Impro­ve­ments asso­ci­a­ted with binocu­lar vision pro­blems, such as hea­daches, fatigue, strai­ned eyes, and con­cent­ra­tion pro­blems, are typi­cally reli­e­ved.

In addi­tion, studies have shown that, on average, the vast majo­rity of people who train can incre­ase their reading speed by about 70%. For those with reading dif­ficul­ties, the impro­ve­ments are greater.
minskar med träning.

We have trained over 3,000 people and over 99% of those who have com­ple­ted the trai­ning have impro­ved vision/reading speed.

We have trained people between the ages of 7 and 81. After com­ple­ting the trai­ning, eve­ry­one impro­ved their reading speed and eased symptoms common with vision pro­blems such as hea­daches, fatigue, eye strain, and con­cent­ra­tion pro­blems.

If you read a lot or do a lot of work up close, you can benefit greatly from our trai­ning. In addi­tion, people with dyslexia and ADHD have seen great results with Imvi.

We recom­mend that people with stra­bis­mus, double vision, or post-con­cus­sion symptoms consult an opti­cian before trai­ning.

Eye coor­di­na­tion trai­ning is nonin­va­sive and risk-free. However, people with stra­bis­mus, amblyo­pia, who use prism glasses, or who have double vision after a stroke, con­cus­sion, or post-COVID should contact us or consult their opti­cian before trai­ning.

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