Thank you for taking imvi’s test and evaluating your vergence


Based on your result on the survey, it seems that your ver­gence fun­c­tion, i.e. your brain’s eye coor­di­na­tion is not causing you any pro­blems. From the results of over 2000 trained persons, we know that also people with a normal ver­gence fun­c­tion can improve their actual vision and also their reading with our brain-eye coor­di­na­tion trai­ning.

Minor problems can also be very disturbing!

Eve­ry­one who has follo­wed our trai­ning program has impro­ved, impro­ved reading speed, incre­a­sed con­cent­ra­tion, reduced fatigue and less strai­ned eyes. The average reading speed impro­ve­ment is 66%.

With as little as 15 minutes of trai­ning, at least 4 times a week for 12 weeks where you train by looking at pictu­res or video, you get lifelong impro­ve­ments. This is thanks to our paten­ted method for trai­ning the brain’s coor­di­na­tion of the eyes that reli­e­ves the brain.