Improve reading ability and concentration in school with Imvi

En vuxen person med dyslexi
Convergence insufficiency in school can be a hidden cause of reading difficulties

A growing problem in schools is that stu­dents struggle with reading. This affects not only lear­ning but also stu­dents’ future educa­tio­nal and job oppor­tu­ni­ties.

There are many causes for this, but one that is often over­looked invol­ves the brain’s coor­di­na­tion of the eyes. Opto­met­rists refer to this as “binocu­lar vision pro­blems,” “hidden stra­bis­mus,” or “ver­gence pro­blems.” About 10% of people have con­ver­gence insuf­fi­ci­ency, and among child­ren and tee­na­gers, it is over 20%. Some­ti­mes people with dyslexia or ADHD also have con­ver­gence pro­blems, but since con­ver­gence insuf­fi­ci­ency can produce similar symptoms to these con­di­tions, they can be dif­ficult to dis­tin­gu­ish and dia­gnose.

However, it is pos­sible to train away con­ver­gence insuf­fi­ci­ency. With Imvi’s trai­ning, one can sig­ni­fi­cantly improve their con­ver­gence in just twelve weeks. This reli­e­ves the brain and leads to incre­a­sed reading speed and impro­ved con­cent­ra­tion. It also helps if, for example, you are often tired, have hea­daches, or suffer from eye strain.

Regular peda­gogy does not help with con­ver­gence insuf­fi­ci­ency; instead, this type of special con­ver­gence trai­ning is requi­red for eye coor­di­na­tion to improve. Typi­cally, eye exams in schools do not detect when stu­dents have con­ver­gence pro­blems, making it a hidden issue that many expe­ri­ence without knowing why.

Symptoms to be aware of

Signs that indi­cate a student may have con­ver­gence insuf­fi­ci­ency. Please contact an opto­met­rist or healt­h­care pro­vi­der if the student:

  • Squints, tilts their head, or closes one eye when reading or looking at a screen.
  • Holds objects very close to their eyes or sits at the front of the class­room to see pro­perly.
  • Shows disin­te­rest or ina­bi­lity to con­centrate.
  • Com­plains of hea­daches.
  • Has dif­ficul­ties with reading, reads slowly, or con­fu­ses letters such as n and u, p and b, d and b.
  • Com­plains that the text becomes double or jumps in front of their eyes.
  • Expe­ri­ences abnor­mal fatigue.
The symptoms are often detected in school

In school, pro­blems such as myopia are often detec­ted during regular health check-ups. Child­ren are offered at least three health visits from pre­school to ninth grade, where vision is checked at least once. Vision impair­ments can develop quickly, and the checks in school are not fre­quent or com­pre­hen­sive enough to detect them in time.

Myopia is incre­a­sing very rapidly in society. By 2050, it is esti­ma­ted that half of the world’s popu­la­tion will be myopic, with the highest incre­ase among child­ren. This is serious because myopia incre­a­ses the risk of deve­lo­ping eye dise­a­ses later in life.

Incre­a­sed use of tablets and mobile phones at close distan­ces for very long and con­ti­nu­ous periods is beli­e­ved to be the cause. Reduced time spent out­do­ors in natural sun­light also has a nega­tive impact. At the same time, pro­blems with eye coor­di­na­tion are incre­a­sing. In school, eye coor­di­na­tion is not exa­mi­ned at all.

Imvi Labs helps schools

Stu­dents’ ability to read and com­pre­hend texts is a central part of the Swedish cur­ricu­lum. Accor­ding to the cur­ricu­lum, Swedish lan­gu­age instruc­tion should promote stu­dents’ lin­gu­istic and lite­rary deve­lop­ment, as well as their ability to com­mu­ni­cate and use lan­gu­age as a tool for lear­ning. Reading is a key skill that is crucial for stu­dents’ success in school and life.

Imvi Labs offers a unique method to improve stu­dents’ reading skills by strengthe­ning eye coor­di­na­tion through trai­ning. The method is based on sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch and has proven effective in incre­a­sing reading speed, con­cent­ra­tion, and pro­moting reading deve­lop­ment in stu­dents of various ages.

Imvi Labs’ paten­ted solu­tion is deve­lo­ped in col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Karo­linska Insti­tute. The method invol­ves trai­ning eye coor­di­na­tion using a mobile app, by watching strea­med content through VR glasses.

Anette Norberg van Ame­rongen works as a special educa­tion teacher at an ele­men­tary and middle school in Sweden. Here she descri­bes how a student who com­ple­ted our trai­ning program has achi­e­ved sig­ni­fi­cant impro­ve­ments in their reading speed, as well as in social inte­rac­tions in the class­room.

Strong connection to the curriculum

Our results and observations
  • Faster reading
  • Incre­a­sed con­cent­ra­tion
  • More energy and stamina
  • Calmer in class
  • Better grades and a higher per­cen­tage of passing stu­dents
  • Early trai­ning reduces the need for inter­ven­tions throug­hout schoo­ling
  • Engaged guar­di­ans
Supports the school’s goals and responsibilities
  • Equa­lity
  • Promote lifelong lear­ning
  • Promote know­ledge
  • Con­fi­dence in lan­gu­age ability
  • Right to addi­tio­nal support as needed, no dia­gno­sis requi­red, insuf­fi­ci­ent resour­ces not a reason to deny
  • Inform guar­di­ans about the plan and pro­gress

The curriculum that the Imvi Labs method can contribute to:

Reading com­pre­hen­sion: The Imvi Labs method impro­ves stu­dents’ ability to focus on and understand texts. This enhan­ces their reading com­pre­hen­sion and helps them process and inter­pret various types of texts.

Reading speed: Through regular trai­ning with Imvi Labs, stu­dents can incre­ase their reading speed, which is an impor­tant aspect of effi­ci­ently hand­ling large amounts of text.

Con­cent­ra­tion: Impro­ving eye coor­di­na­tion with the Imvi Labs method can also enhance stu­dents’ ability to con­centrate. This is crucial for reading accu­ra­tely and keeping up with complex texts.

Web portal and mobile app access for educa­tors: There is a web portal and mobile app access for educa­tors to monitor stu­dents’ trai­ning and deve­lop­ment.

Imvi method in practice: We alter­nate tests with trai­ning to track stu­dents’ pro­gress and to opti­mize the dif­ficulty and dura­tion of the trai­ning.

Vår lösning
Results from Imvi Labs training

We col­la­bo­rate with several schools. Here is an example of a suc­cess­ful part­ners­hip with two schools in Åland. Special educa­tion teachers Isa Blomqvist and Emma Nylund report after 12 weeks of trai­ning:

  • We selec­ted 10 stu­dents with reading dif­ficul­ties, where pre­vious inter­ven­tions had not yielded suf­fi­ci­ent results.
  • 9 out of 10 stu­dents had con­ver­gence insuf­fi­ci­ency before trai­ning.
  • Toget­her with the stu­dents and their class­room teachers, we obser­ved: impro­ved reading fluency, less choppy reading, less fatigue during reading, better spel­ling, and feeling more “whole.”
  • Reading speed: 43% impro­ve­ment.

If Imvi had been imple­men­ted earlier, the school could have:

  • Uti­li­zed teachers’ working time more effecti­vely.
  • Used stu­dents’ lesson time better.
  • Helped the stu­dents earlier.
Isa Blomqvist

How can your school start with Imvi?

The school iden­ti­fies the stu­dents with the gre­a­test reading dif­ficul­ties. Teachers and special educa­tion teachers usually have good insight into which stu­dents need our trai­ning. In con­jun­c­tion with this, you can take our free con­ver­gence test on our website.

We send out VR glasses and links to instruc­tions to the school. Imvi Labs then holds a digital over­view of the trai­ning and setup, both for the invol­ved educa­tors and the con­cer­ned guar­di­ans.

Stu­dents down­load the app to their respective phones. When stu­dents are regis­te­red, their guar­di­ans give consent for data hand­ling and trai­ning, which also gives the school access to the data. The­re­fore, this is not somet­hing the school needs to manage.

Educa­tors can monitor their stu­dents’ trai­ning and results through a web inter­face, and guar­di­ans can down­load the app in a version that allows them to follow their child’s trai­ning.

Contact Imvi Labs

The setup above is an example that is often applied by the schools we col­la­bo­rate with. If you have your own ideas and would like to discuss an arrange­ment that suits you, we are of course open to finding a solu­tion.

You can also contact me directly:

Peter Carls­son, CEO 

[email protected]

 0708 563 427