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Rasmus with dyslexia can now read to his children
Annika's two sons were helped by Imvi Labs
Mikael increased his reading speed

Filippa 14 years old

“I used to struggle to catch up on all my homework but now everything goes much smoother. I love being able to read faster and still remember everything I’ve read.”

Johan 42 years old

“As a lawyer, I have to constantly review large amounts of text, and before it took a lot of energy. Now I can absorb the text faster with less effort.”

Hanna 18 years old

“It has not only helped me to increase my reading speed, but also to improve my concentration and ability to take in information. I am ready for university now.”

Fatima 32 years old

“As a working mother, time has always been in short supply. Imvi Lab’s training has helped me increase my reading speed. But at the same time, the training has given me some time on my own, which has been very nice.”

9 out of 10 recommend Imvi Labs

Imvis ambassadors

“Wow, our reading speed has increased!
12 weeks ago me & Ebbe started a training to increase our reading speed.

Now Ebbe & I are done with our training & we have got fantastic results. We have trained 4 times/week for 15 minutes for 12 weeks. Ebbe's results after 12 weeks of training:
- For sentence chains that are most similar to ordinary reading, he has increased by 40%.
- For character chains that have the strongest connection to consensus, he has increased by 5%.
- For word chains, he has increased by 7%.
- Ebbe has increased his convergence by 20%"

"Viola has now been training for a total of 24 weeks and continues to make progress! Viola notices a big difference in her reading, especially in school work and when she reads books. She describes it as now skipping ahead in the text because it goes so fast.

I notice that she has better self-esteem and confidence when it comes to reading. When we read aloud together, I also notice that she is much more confident in her reading than before. It is clear that an improved vision with less trouble, also an improved reading speed."

Annica, Mother of two sons

“Both my children have Dyslexia and ADHD. Diagnoses that both mean challenges in everyday life and especially at school. We were advised by friends to try Imvi Labs. They had both trained with the Imvi app. We believed and hoped for improved reading speed, which in practice for our children means less energy consumption to read and to go to school. But we didn’t really dare to hope for the results and the feeling of improvement that 12 weeks of training with Imvi has meant.

That the tests show great improvements in reading speed is one thing, but that our children have a feeling and experience that reading is less difficult is absolutely fantastic! Children with dyslexia often have other challenges as well. Anything we can do to make school and everyday life less energy demanding is fantastic for these children. We also thought that it would be exhausting to watch the 15 minutes x 4 times/week, but with SVT play it’s “all you have to do!”

Linda Petersson, Mother to Ture, 10 years old

Linda’s son Ture has had to struggle a bit with reading, but it’s still going quite well, but Linda has suspected that they might have a small vision problem in the picture, and she has investigated and there is no other vision problem that affects.

After consideration with husband Martin, they decided to invest in Imvi’s training, which they thought seemed simple and motivating.

Linda knows very well that for consensus training to be successful, you have to follow the training program and here she saw a big challenge with the other methods she knows.

– They were never relevant as they would not have worked for Ture, says Linda.

Ture was helped by Linda to get started the first few times, but quickly fell in love with the app and VR, found it both fun and a bit exciting and has managed the training himself with a few reminders to do the training.

After Imvi introduced the possibility

to train with SVT Play, there is no need for reminders anymore. “Ture has found exciting documentaries, and is learning a lot of things while practicing consensus,” says Linda.

According to the convergence test, Ture had no major co-vision problems, but after the training they are completely gone and all the symptoms that previously bothered are gone and the reading speed has improved a lot.

It’s fantastic to see the development, you can really see that he is picking up on things much faster. He reads words faster, even words that are quite complex and so he has a completely different flow in his reading. And now he is untroubled to read and curiosity has been awakened about everything you can find out when you read unhindered by yourself, says Linda.

The best thing about the training has been that it is easy to use, accessible, goes quickly and gives such great results! She says further. Imvi has been great and supported in a fantastic way. We are so satisfied and happy that Ture underwent this training, something he will benefit from throughout his life and not least throughout his schooling! Little brother hangs on the train and will get the chance to train with him eventually.

Felicia 12 years old

Improved reading speed by 40% and convergence by 62%. The school has announced that her language has improved!

Elliot 21 years old

Improved his convergence by 48% and has no remaining convergence problems. At the same time has made a reading speed improvement of 83%.

Leo 10 years old

Increased reading speed by 800%.
Teachers perceive him as a happier and more engaged classmate. Also helps others in the class.

What motivated you?

“Knowing it will help me.”

Click the video and hear Thomas talk about his experience and how Imvi Labs training helped him.

Reading speed improves on average by 69%

We have trained people between the ages of 8 and 81

Consensus improves on average by 44%

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