Family package

Are you a family? No problem.

Under licenses, you choose how many will train and how many VR glasses are needed. We recommend that each person exercising has their own pair.

Our unique patented solution for training reading speed, concentration and reducing eye fatigue and exertion.

imvi start, 12 week training license for one user 3 reading tests done at start, after 6 and 12 weeks respectively 12 weeks training with pictures and film

VR glasses

Comfortable and lightweight VR glasses, with good lenses that are excellent for our training and of course also for other VR applications.

Easy to handle:
Can handle all mobiles with screen sizes from 4.7¨-7.2¨
Can be used both with and without glasses, fits glasses with width / height 145x50mm
Can be used with mobile cover on
Easily center your mobile
Can easily adjust sharpness and pupil distance with knobs on the top
Suitable from about 8 years upwards
CE and RoHS marking


We are on a mission to spread the love of reading to everyone.



For schools


For subscription customers