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Boost your reading and concentration skills

Did you know that eye coordination affects reading speed and concentration? Imvi Labs, in collaboration with researchers at the Karolinska Institute, has developed an effective solution to improve eye coordination. Now, you can easily enhance your reading speed for life by watching streamed content in VR.

This is how our training works

Test yourself

You answer 15 questions about eye coordination and test your reading speed before the start of the training. We then follow up every six weeks.


You train your brain and eye coordination in VR with our app on your mobile. Here you can, for example, watch YouTube while you train.


You get the results for how you develop your eye coordination and reading speed. We send out personalized reports on your progress.

Most children have no idea how they are supposed to see

Many children may not realize the fundamental role their vision plays in their daily lives. From reading to playing sports, good eye coordination is essential for success in various activities. Without proper coordination, tasks like reading can become challenging, leading to frustration and potential learning difficulties. 

Common symptoms are fatigue, difficulty concentrating, slow reading speed, headaches and eye strain. These problems are also common in people with dyslexia and ADHD. With our training, users notice lifelong improvements in their reading ability and eye coordination with Imvi.

The difference we make is real!

Linda's son Ture, 10 years old

"We are so thrilled that Ture completed imvi's training. This will certainly benefit him for life, especially during his schooling!"

Rasmus, 45 years old

“I have struggled with my dyslexia all my life. After training with imvi, my reading speed improved over 50%. Now it's not just mum who can read the bedtime stories!"

Sabine's son Nils, 9 years old

"It's impressive how much faster and more fluently he reads now. It's great to see the training paying off!” So wonderful to see that the training is paying off!”

Why train with Imvi?


When it's time to train, simply launch the app and place your phone in the VR headset.

Follow your progress

You can follow your/your child's development and results in the app.


Through streaming providers, like YouTube, you can train by watching entertaining content.


Achieve positive and lifelong results with 12 weeks of consistent training!


We help improve the coordination between the eyes and brain by training them to focus on a single point. If your eye coordination is not precise, it can reduce blood flow and oxygenation to your brain. This can lead to feeling tired and fatigued in as little as 10 minutes of work or reading.

Our training prevents these problems and strengthens your reading speed, endurance, and focus by training both eyes to work together. For people with greater problems with eye coordination, double vision can also be experienced, but this can be trained away by improving the cooperation between the eyes. Double vision can be very tiring and tiring for the eyes. With Imvi’s training you can avoid this.

Right now you can stream all content from SVT play in the app. plans to expand to more streaming services in the future.

Studies show that 15 minutes of training, 4 times a week for about 12 weeks can permanently improve your vision. It is important to stay conistent with the training to see permanent results. You should train regularly without interruption.

Training longer or more often can also have a positive effect. Training less than the recommended period may not lead to results. In connection with tests after 12 weeks of training, we evaluate whether there is further improvement potential that justifies continued training.

We only recommend using imvi’s VR glasses. We evaluated many VR headsets and have optimized the training specifically for the model we are using. Our VR glasses have ideal optical properties, adjustable focal and pupil distance, and can be used with glasses. Additionally, they handle all screen sizes and are comfortable and easy to handle.

We also recommend that each person training use their own VR, as sharpness and pupil distance settings differ between individuals.

Our training instructions are specifically made to match our model.

We cannot provide support on how to use other models as we do not know all models. We also cannot guarantee the result, as the optical properties may differ.

Studies show that improvements in vision are permanent.

No,the VR glasses are necessary because each eye requires a separate screen for the training to be effective.

Yes, the training will not be affected by wearing glasses or contact lenses.

However, the glasses must fit in the VR glasses if you need them to see well at about two meters away.

If you wear prism glasses, please contact us before training.

Studies show that the vast majority, on average, increase their reading speed by about 60%. For people with reading difficulties, the improvements are usually significantly higher.

The symptoms associated with vision problems, such as headaches, fatigue, strained eyes, and concentration problems, etc., decrease with regular training.

We have trained over 2,500 people and over 99% of those who have completed the training have improved their vision/reading speed.

We have trained people between the ages of 8 and 81. All who have completed the training have improved their reading speed. Common symptoms of vision problems include headaches, fatigue, eye strain, and concentration problems related to reading or doing close-up work.

We have seen very good results in people with dyslexia and ADHD. We advise those with strabismus, double vision from stroke, concussion, or post-COVID conditions consult with us or their optician before undergoing training. People who read a lot or do close work can benefit greatly from our training.

Vergence training is risk-free.

People who have visible strabismus, amblyopia, use prism glasses or have double vision after a stroke, concussion or post-COVID, must consult us or their optician before training.

Rickard's fantastic results

Rickard has improved his vergence by 74%. Now, he reads much faster, maintains focus for longer periods, and finds it much easier to absorb larger amounts of text.

“It feels amazing to make such significant progress so effortlessly. Especially with the streaming service SVT Play,” Says Rickard.

The method behind imvi

By improving joint vision, you can relieve the brain and free up capacity from sight to language. Even minor issues with eye coordination can lead to mental fatigue and can negatively impact reading skills, focus, and overall well-being.

Our training helps you read for longer with better speed, less fatigue, improved focus, and reduced eye strain.

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