Convergence insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency is a condition where the eyes have trouble working together as a team. It’s not a problem with the eyes themselves, but rather with the brain’s ability to coordinate them. Each eye may work well on its own, but together they may have difficulty focusing on the same point.

What is convergence insufficiency

When individuals experience convergence problems, they may find it challenging to focus their eyes on a single point. In such cases, the brain needs to work harder and use energy from the frontal lobe to see things more clearly.

Convergence insufficiency, which can be present from birth or acquired later in life, is becoming increasingly common due to the excessive use of mobile phones and tablets.

An growing trend

When you spend a lot of time doing close work, like reading or looking at a screen, it can strain your eyes. This can cause people who didn’t know they had minor vision issues to suddenly experience symptoms.

This is a growing and concerning trend among children, as more of them are experiencing increased Convergence Insufficiency. Reports indicate that up to 25% of children are affected by this condition, which often coincides with a rapid rise in nearsightedness. This is likely due to children using mobile phones and tablets at a very young age. Additionally, issues with eye coordination are quite common among individuals over 60 years old.


Eye strain
Reading difficulties
Concentration problems
Writing difficulties
Problems with depth perception
Eye fatigue
Blurred or double vision
Tiredness when reading
Words moving or jumping
Letters flow together

Convergence insufficiency in children

Convergence insufficiency can affect both children and adults. However, it can be difficult to detect in children as they may not be aware of it as a visual problem. Interestingly, some children who are diagnosed with reading and writing difficulties may actually be experiencing convergence issues.

What can cause convergence insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Congenital

  • Hereditary

  • Stress

  • Dysfunction of the eye muscles

  • Uncorrected vision defects

  • Concussions

  • Neurological/systemic diseases

  • Illness (high fever or infections)

How is convergence insufficiency treated?

Convergence insufficiency can be treated with prescription glasses, surgery, or convergence training exercises. In the past, pencil push-ups were advised to improve eye coordination. This exercise involves focusing on a pen or pencil as it is moved back and forth from arm’s length to the nose.

Imvi Labs has developed a method that improves convergence insufficiency by watching movies in VR.

The app allows you to watch movies that display two horizontally aligned images on the screen – one for each eye. With the VR glasses on, you will perceive one image (instead of two) resulting in a quicker and more enjoyable training experience compared to traditional pencil push-up training exercises.

Additionally, you can choose the content you wish to view during training, with both videos and pictures available.

What our customers say

My reading speed increased by 50%. Now when I read aloud to the children, I notice that I don't stop and go back in the text. My eyes aren't as tired after a day of work either.

Rasmus Thornberg

Wow, our reading speed has increased! 12 weeks ago me & my son started a training to increase our reading speed. Now Ebbe & I are done with our training & we have got fantastic results.

Rickard Nordström

My reading speed increased by 40% but, more importantly, I can now read in concentration for 40 minutes instead of 10 minutes. It makes school work so much easier.

Driver Nozzle pod

What did the child get out of the training?

"Better reading speed is a great advantage in all school work.
It has also had a positive impact on Erik's self-confidence!"

Ulrika, Järfälla
Mother of son Erik, 11 years old, who trained

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