Difficulties with concentration and convergence insufficiency

A common cause underlying concentration problems is what is known as convergence insufficiency. Read more about what convergence insufficiency means and what you can do about it.

tips till dig med koncentrationssvårigheter

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Convergence, or binocular vision, is the ability to use both eyes together effectively. Convergence insufficiency occurs when the eyes do not work together properly, which can lead to double vision, blurred vision, eye strain, and difficulties maintaining focus on close objects – all factors that directly affect concentration.

Convergence can be improved with training

When an individual struggles with convergence insufficiency, it requires excessive effort to focus on and process visual information. This forces the brain to work harder, leading to decreased endurance for concentration and creating difficulties with maintaining focus. By improving convergence and enhancing the coordination of the eyes, one can also improve concentration abilities. To find out if you suffer from convergence insufficiency, we are currently offering a free convergence test.

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Rickard Nordström
"Nowadays, I can maintain concentration for longer periods and find it much easier to absorb larger amounts of text. It feels fantastic that it's so easy to develop this much."

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