Imvi Labs added to the SPSM inspiration pages: Improving accessibility in education.

We are happy to announce that Imvi is now on the inspirational pages of the Swedish Agency for Special Needs Education (SPSM).

This inclusion marks a significant milestone in our efforts to improve accessibility and strengthen learning experiences for all students, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.


SPSM works to ensure that children, pupils and adult learners, regardless of disability, have the resources and support they need to achieve their educational goals. Through special education support, teaching in special schools, skills development, accessible learning materials and government grants, SPSM strives to create inclusive learning environments.

About SPSM’s inspirational pages:

The inspiration pages serve as a valuable resource for educators looking for inspiration and ideas in different areas of education. Educators can find examples of teaching materials, digital tools and teacher literature for different subjects, areas and school types. The materials displayed on these pages have been selected to support children and students with disabilities and are adapted to current curricula and syllabuses.

Inclusion of Imvi:

Imvi has been added to the inspiration pages, initially under the subject pages for Swedish for all pages related to primary and secondary school.


The inclusion of Imvi on the SPSM inspiration pages underlines our commitment to promoting inclusive education and providing valuable resources for educators and learners. We are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with SPSM and look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on students’ learning. 

For more information visit the SPSM Inspiration pages:

https://hittalaromedel.spsm.se/inspiration/grundskolan-ak-4-6/grundskola-arskurs-4-6-svenska https://hittalaromedel.spsm.se/inspiration/grundskolan-ak-7-9/svenska/ https://hittalaromedel.spsm.se/inspiration/gymnasieskolan/svenska/



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