Improve your reading speed for life - 12 weeks

Just by watching videos

Common but unknown to most people, imperfect eye-coordination has a major impact on energy, headaches, concentration, double vision and reading speed.

imvi has developed an effective and entertaining solution for improved eye coordination in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet. Our patented solution has proved to be successful for 99% of more than 2000 trained individuals. Take the test to see if we can help you.

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The problem

Most children have no idea how they are supposed to see

Our patented training improves eye coordination for most people. People with the most vision problems get the greatest improvements. Common symptoms are fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headache and strained eyes. These problems are also common in people with dyslexia and ADHD. The user achieves lifelong improvements in reading ability and eye coordination with just 12 hours of training.

Some of the people we helped

Sofia, 11

More than doubled her reading speed, from 11 to 25 words per minute. The teachers saw a more focused girl.

Fredrik, 49

My reading speed increased by 40% while fatigue in the eyes and headaches disappeared.

Robin, 13

I increased my reading speed by 60% in 6 weeks, and got rid of many other symptoms.

The process step-by-step

This is how it works


You answer questions about your vergence and we measure your reading speed


You train your vergence in vr with our patented method and can watch video while you train


You get the results for how you develop your vergence and reading speed

Play Video


Why choose imvi?

Easy to use

To start training, simply place your phone inside the VR headset and launch the app

Track your progress

In the app, you can follow your/your children's development and results


You can train by, for example, watching video, which makes the training entertaining.


With only 12 weeks of training you get lifelong improvements

We helped Stefan with his reading

Stefan who is 17 years old, has struggled with reading for a long time and was diagnosed with dyslexia. Before training, he managed to read for six minutes, with a reading speed of eight words per minute.

After training for a week or so, the results began to come. After completed training, the reading endurance had increased to over 50 minutes and the reading speed to over 40 words per minute.

The method behind imvi

Through improved vision, you can relieve the brain and free up capacity from vision to language. Even very small eye coordination problems can quickly exhaust the brain and affect both reading ability, concentration and general condition.

Our training provides improved reading stamina and reading speed while reducing fatigue, increasing concentration and not straining the eyes as hard.


Studies show that with 15 minutes of training, 4 times a week for about 12-14 weeks, a permanently improved vergence is achieved. It is important that the training is carried out fully in order for the results to be lasting. You should exercise regularly without interruption. Exercising more often or longer can have a certain positive effect. A small amount of training can result in no results.

Studies show that improvements in vergence are lifelong.

Yes, vergence is not affected by ordinary glasses or contact lenses.

However, the glasses must fit in the VR glasses if you need glasses to see well up close.

Studies show that the vast majority on average increase their reading speed by about 30%. For people with reading difficulties, the improvements are usually significantly greater. The symptoms associated with vision problems, such as headaches, fatigue, strained eyes, and concentration problems, etc. decrease with exercise.

No, the VR glasses are needed for each eye to have its own small screen, which is needed for the training to work.

We have trained over 2 000 people and over 99% of those who have completed the training have received an improved vergence.

We have trained people between the ages of 4 and 83. In a normal population we see improvements in up to 80% of everyone. Common symptoms of vergence problems include headaches, fatigue, eye strain, and concentration problems related to reading or close work. We have seen very good results in people with dyslexia, ADHD and ADD. People with manifest strabismus must consult us or their optician before exercising. People who read a lot or do close work can benefit greatly from our training.

Vergence training is risk-free. People with a manifest squint must consult us or their optician before exercising.

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